Temporal Folds

The circularity of life becomes more prominent as the years pass. I have seen the spiral of my existence spin back upon itself time and again and there is no denying the repetition of the lessons. They come, they go, they come again and I wonder, am I getting any better at the game? All these years and I feel like the journey is just beginning and I don’t want to start over from ground zero. I find it difficult to see the progress I know I must have made. I’m still looking upward, reaching for the stars, but they are ever in the distance. I am a woman of a certain age and time is tying me up inside. I know there are parts of my life that must die but I thought they would make themselves obvious. Instead, I am charged with the task of flushing them out and I came unprepared to swim in my emotions. My memories are slippery fish that have remained in the depths for decades. I know I came to do the work, so I will press on. Challenges accepted, hopefully overcome, no matter how many times they revisit me, for revisit me they shall. Sword and shield at the ready.

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